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 The book "How to Prevent Falls:  Better Balance, Independence and Energy in Six Simple Steps" has been called the "HANDBOOK OF WISDOM FOR LIFE".  This book is an informative and immensely practical guide to achieve better balance through fitness.

   "Stretching In Bed" Guide, revised and updated by author, teacher and former Olympic diving coach Betty Perkins-Carpenter, Ph.D, and over forty years experience uses a common-sense approach to better balance which can stem the tide of falls and their cascade of disastrous effects by improving both fitness and balance.  Our guide offers key exercises that will provide an easy and effective way to help you start your day feeling physically awake and mentally alert.

Why Is It Working?

Over the past couple of years my balance has been out of whack. Little did I expect in my first class of your How to Prevent Falls course that your suggestion would become a successful remedy for my problem. Immediately after the class, I went to the JCC’s inside circular track to walk. As you suggested, I began by choosing a spot in the distance to focus on, and each time I rounded a curve I would focus on a new spot. If I felt I was beginning to lose my balance, I would stop and stare at the spot without blinking until the feeling would leave. Then I decided to carry my cane instead of using it just to test if I needed it. I didn’t!I really appreciate your expertise by understanding my dilemma and offering a simple solution that no one before had ever suggested to me. “Choosing a spot to focus on” has certainly helped me. Happily, I have regained confidence in my balance so when I walked into the JCC for my second class, I left my cane in the car.

Many thanks,
Florence Kaplow

Learning is Easy With Our Techniques

"This imaginative and easy-to-follow approach to improving one's balance and preventing falls can be of much value to you, your family, and to any older person."

T. Franklin Williams, M.D. (Former Director of The National Institute on Aging)


Activities presented in these resources available on this website are powerful and so much fun!



How To Prevent Falls - Book

Accidental falls are the leading cause of death by injury among older adults. Avoid serious injuries caused by falls.

  • Soft Cover - 152 pages
  • Fifth Edition Printing
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Stretching In Bed Guide

A guide that contains 14 stretching exercises that can be done in bed, before you get out of bed. For all ages. 

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How to Prevent Falls Instructional DVD

Gain what thousands of others already have through the wisdom found in the Six -Step Balance System.

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